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tv   Eco India - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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and one day she really did become a world famous conductor brimming over with virtuosity inspection. longer than about. the money stuff. starts feb eighteenth t.w. . whole welcome to a brand new episode of india a sustainability magazine that puts the focus on change me because we're finding solutions to the biggest problems facing our world to be. coming to you from the
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city of mumbai in india. over the next thirty minutes our travel company input is going beyond its call of duty to clean the ocean bed. cross is future proofing need against landslides and how an organization in mumbai is helping indian women to break free from menstruation tabs. let's zoom in on an issue that has a deep impact on our marine life often when fishermen abandon their fishing nets in the ocean their drac to the board to entangling fish dolphin sea turtles and many other creatures in them on able to relieve themselves they die from starvation infection and sometimes even suffocation one organization in the southern city of port a charity is trying to change this and create a safe ecosystem for the marine life in its surrounding seas.
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fishing nets one of the most essential possessions of fishermen are now proving to be their biggest enemy. maybe not on which is not biodegradable these nets attached to large strollers are relatively recent departure from the more sustainable practices of traditional fishing dragged along the ocean to catch everything in their path. if that same dragging. it was dark and i was all you need to damage the court or to break the court is it damaging to what is sometimes you just ducked really very
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hard to try to pull an eight it won't come out what did they cut they need and go for that and they'd go and sit on the bottom of that. that made. him go. and was like a kilometer that depends on the whole. i want to bring that because of the myth. of destroying the entier. the better it did on. these dives. he's trying to clear the waters off to charity all of these ghost nets which are discarded abandoned almost by fishermen. out of even that is quite the local hero and put a charity. he stumbled upon an undersea war with an exquisite marine ecosystem of its own during an extraordinary die forty kilometers away from the shore.
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out of things war as it came to be called was in dire need of help. that was the first i saw with the big net lying down on a top of the tree and like millions of fish in say it but i didn't know what we'd do escape their pathetic way inside some of my people dead people of course were lying on that i was all about to die so then that's where i found the one that is the scene i saw. really big. to clean the course in it. out of him that his team of divers today removed large quantities of course nets from the ocean bed every time they go diving. nets account for a ten percent reduction in fishing catch. even then local fishermen have needed a lot of convincing to change how they do their business.
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and when we start diving in that area. you guys because there was a reason any other. one wanted up here is to interact with the fisherman how the divers are helping to grow to fish. that we did to get them. then they will understand we can you define it because. these days we've had damage because i didn't want any fish. and can't get any money
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through the fish so that they do protect. one such fisherman who was in. his day. coming from a family that has known traditional fishing as the only way of life. as he's called he's reluctantly but resolutely moving away from practices. there are very few fish left in the sea because of the mechanized boats cleaning it out. we don't even have money to buy nets forget competing. they said trained as a scuba diver and now works as a captain with out of in stempel adventures which conducts dives for scuba
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enthusiasts. since i started scuba i don't feel like fishing because i get to see them underwater and feel i shouldn't be killing them i also go into the water and see them look so beautiful now there are almost no fish left. and i just work as a captain. it's good i can educate my children from the decent salary that i wouldn't get from fishing. and we are able to sustain ourselves now. they sound fishermen like came out also helping out of in the improve the marine ecosystem along the coast. this means carrying large rocks to the sea to fortify the artificial reefs they've been together. before the. reef may need the twenty. so
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now we get there one two three four four reefs are to reach the creative. unbelievable fish before there's no fish left in that area all the personnel doing for their rocky places to rock music like fifteen thousand going to read to do languish or need to travel like a condom are needed to a little further they were not in port eighty to know everybody you can rely on pushing. hard evidence temple adventures which is funded mainly on the di eaves and training it conducts is a prime example of going beyond one's call of duty.
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and the main concern is individual responsibility it's not ok we're not made for when augmentation live and. in a big why you need to wait for that you could arguably you want. to keep in the same village if you are a family you're playing for you're going to play in a league same time spent like twenty minutes between some you're right if you take it over your own media if even if you do that that you fear the worst and because of that you know why they were in pollution and that's my daughter. it's changed me because like a lot of being who are making sure we still have a winning chance at a sustainable future shifting focus now to neighboring me torrential rains in the country have become more and more common often that tribute to climate change the next link in what is seemingly a domino effect is an avoidable landslides wreaking havoc in the lives of people
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but one need to variety of cross is proving to be the new hope for this problem let's take a look. once again the rain is to wrench bringing back memories of how a year ago an avalanche of mud and rocks thundered down this very slow. there's not much left of farmer come out power julie's grandmother's house and his son could be are here to pay their respects to her she was killed in her sleep by the mudslide. he loves walnuts he came with me i mean. he said me or what have been my dad with and that i live in this is yet we go from me oh we leave this area where you can go. but they did stay like the other residents of
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the village of simponi. lost his fields fortunately he also has a position as a teacher so he can support his mother and the rest of the family. at the foot of the mountain why is the village of done to co-found. here the damage from the mudslide was especially severe nine people lost their lives. in a country in the shadow of the himalaya as nepal is prone to earthquakes and landslides in twenty fifteen it was hit by a particularly disastrous earthquake the risk of landslides rises even more during the monsoon season. workers for the international union for the conservation of nature like agronomist cari are trying to mitigate the threat with research.
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it's a tall fast growing indigenous plant also known as broome grass its roots help keep soil in place. for us while directly. and it also not want you to hold this while it does work on called the user and you don't succeed or want to speed in this will be idea. the secret lies in the client's web like network of routes. that of it is small goods leggo a small thing we scan fine it is really into this while that means and it it has it like that of the netbook could lay go like this and it kept years like that all are just but i did this while and it just all of those life into the net. about two hours outside nipples second largest city takara why is the village just starting caught in the past my own slides were common here.
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they swept down the steep slope destroying fields and threatening low lying areas in the village broom grass was planted to try to improve this situation and it's already helped. additionally the drainage canal was built it takes up some of the floodwater reduces the force of the torrents and diverts the water into the fields the village has become a safer place to live. and it has an additional source of income and research can be used to make brooms farmer john newcombe about all sells them and has been able to increase our income by twenty percent. our odd roundabout number of them there i may never know but the thought of that and then if i want to and extra money as a farmer i have to work very hard for it. with armory so it's faster and more
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pleasant that it is quite a good feeling when about a warming. also burns the armory so to heat her home and cook and its leaves provide good fodder for her livestock flip flop here. but can broom grass also prevent major landslides and then to co-found where nine people died they've built walls at the foot of the slope. they are meant to break the force of mud and rock slides before they reach the village. id card and the villagers are no looking for a solution for upslope areas the damage is still visible here to really make a difference trees have to be planted and the banks of the river secured. the plunder of the land side that is not any magic farmer yet that means that we are
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not the hundred percent sure. if we planned on this or it wouldn't look or do while i'm back in the early strongly that means it can be just the little bit high powered off large. higher up the villagers are now planting time researching the plant even grows in the eroded soil of the landslide area helping anchor it. way inside is down and so i will get out. the we cannot stay in so i miss or are. young and then all the members of the family. can see. once again torrents are rushing down the mountain and the reso won't offer any real protection for another year or two until then the villagers just have to hope that the disaster of twenty fifteen won't be repeated.
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mrs city is indeed the mother of invention let's not look at a story where a women's organization in mumbai took it upon itself to shatter the top of menstruation and see a new to an age old unhygienic practice how do they achieve this let's find out. this local sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up in a slum redeveloped colony in shivaji to get in mumbai has been diligently working toward starting a movement. established under the foundation it employs local women trains them in manufacturing low cost high quality sanity products and sells them door to door across slum communities in mumbai.
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but the motivation behind this initiative is not in making profits it is in educating people on menstrual health hygiene and sanitation and most significantly in changing mindsets. asked arching point was to ensure that every woman wears a pad but pads and periods for generations these have been taboo subjects that no one wants to openly discuss when we started on our mission we had no idea how difficult it would be on the field. people would be reluctant to listen to us even after a year we had no success but we kept going door to door. almost ninety percent women living in slum areas traditionally use cloth instead of sanitary pads unaware of the risks involved in following unhygenic menstrual practices. and. we explained to them that they should use pads instead of cloth if they want to avoid infections. be maddeningly.
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the biggest challenge for an initiative like the my now my love foundation however has been in encouraging people to talk openly about menstruation but the sales and distribution team also responsible for spreading awareness amongst potential customers admit that they have come a long way. when i started out i myself used to feel embarrassed the response from people wasn't encouraging either they would ask me how i could talk about these things husbands and fathers in-laws would show up mistaking us for saleswomen and telling us to move on. but there's been a lot of change over time and we've managed to convert many women from using cloth to sanitary napkins. out of the ten people we talked to at least five get convinced
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. what started with a group of just five women today employs more than twenty. i mean. we've employed women from the community itself there were no criteria for being educated or for being a for certain age these were women who felt stifled because they were not allowed to leave their homes when they finally got the opportunity to leave their homes there was a sense of relief and happiness that's when we'll to realise that most of these women what an educated and that's where most problems arose from we then started teaching programs. i mean clearly if they do more let's say. when i joined i will show i wouldn't be able to work here i felt embarrassed that's one sohan explained to me that here i would only be working but also learning
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a lot of things and that's just what happened. to my mouth team here it is not just into production we also provide education self-defense classes and skill development sessions one day in a week has been kept aside for our. but he won. as one of the few grassroots organizations working single handedly towards empowering women in slum areas the my now my love foundation has been receiving donations and attracting volunteers from across the world but this team of jane makers feels their journey has only just begun. now let's do it movement started in is the one year in two thousand and eight when fifty thousand people came together and cleaned up the entire country in five hours
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since then the initiative has grown into a global operation and engaged twenty million environmentally savvy while india's around the world whether this movement go from here and what are the big learnings in the last ten years while india who's been with the initiative since the beginning break this down. trash the trash bags plastic plastic plastic was the classic last before we were ready for carving up whatever. the let's do it movement brings together people from around the world to clean up their countries on so-called clean up day. this civic led fast movement began in a stone year in two thousand and eight when fifty thousand people gathered to collect waste across the country. in just five hours they picked up ten thousand tonnes of illegal trash. from the estonian capital tarin has been part of the core team from the outset. i'm really happy
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that it's really small meant we have given people back the understanding that they have power to change things it doesn't have to be organizing a worldwide cleanup for a country like tina it can just be the power of making a little bit different decisions every day because your friends will know it differ from a little know it it's the most important change you can inflict on the world changing yourself. since then the donations funded movement are spread around the world. the global network has engaged a total of more than thirty five million volunteers since its launch in around one hundred sixty countries not an easy thing to manage. mostly when the clean ups are organized you need a lot of people working together they are very very often spread all around the
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country but they need to work together is in a very synchronized way so we used. their knowledge sheet to to assess the problem to plan the action and to communicate with each other it's crucial otherwise you couldn't done it you couldn't do it in such a large scale. the launch of the waste mopping up mark to model stone in the project's progress it allows volunteers to locate trash are pictures another data like the type or size of the weiss that makes coordinating volunteers an easier task. and the team has also developed the world waste platform which provides an overview of the way situation of the whole planet a global market for a global movement. it's always kind of highlights when you see people working in a very critical situations there were people conducting cleanups in warsaw and in conflict zones there were people conducting cleanups in two thousand and eighteen during
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hurricanes and cyclons if you see this kind of human bravery and will to make it happen this plight of the circumstances that's really humbling and aspiring. and waste gets everywhere as these project participants in taiwan demonstrated. some other teams are facing other challenges for example in india. with two hundred forty million tonnes per year it produces more waste than any other country on the planet. jim sherman is the regional coordinator for india the us and oceania he's well aware that india only recycles ten percent of the waste that it produces. there's just not the infrastructure that you would want there to be. very fragmented in a country that size and obviously with a large rural population is difficult to put
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a recycling scheme in so that you want to because challenges what to do with all the waste even when you collect it. for the let's do it movement cleaning up is just the first step on a long road keeping the world clean is the next part of the journey we call it keep it clean plan which is set off active. it's is are are steps we can take in in different sectors in each country so figuring out together with all those people involved through the movement through the word clean up day how we can inflect changes in our polices how we can educate ourselves our kids grown ups how to make better choices every day. on her fellow activists know that small steps can lead to big change. i hope you were many take a reason to be sure we'd be back next week with many more inspiring stories from
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across india and europe each one taking us one step closer to a sustainable future good bye and have a wonderful week. stay
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stars. and gossip. twenty nineteen every day. hey listen. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. thanks to him talk composer nobu going out soon. featured in many well known his music is bound to come stumps sounds good. video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w o and if. they require. her. i am anticipating the bathtub was very close. to. the us and by the al gore first
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but i am a bunch of us. thank you. oh other than yes i am a learner. listen to the end of the cold war. i was told. that the medical staff. who are in the dia my i was. full of worming again i was only at the galloway at the morgue and. when i met. this guy out. saying.
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that it. would be. this is g w news live from berlin the islamic republic of iran turns forty thousands of people are marking that anniversary in the streets but many have little to celebrate four decades after the milosevic came to power we ask what impact u.s. sanctions are have. also coming up at a major security conference here in germany leaders are going to be asking.


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